Hoeven’s help needed

Sarah Patten, Stanley

Sen. Hoeven is up for re-election in 2022. People today in will not forget his refusing to commit to voting in favor of a $2,000 stimulus check. He could show the people he is supposed to be working for that he actually gives a damn by standing behind an increased covid relief check. We are hurting. We are scared. We have lost so much this year and can lose so much more.

Help us keep a grip on our health, our homes, our loved ones–our sanity. We are being left to fend for ourselves against increasingly dire odds. Sen. Hoeven is supposed to serve the people. We are paying him after all, but he has the audacity to think we aren’t worth $2,000. I urge him not to abandon us. North Dakota officials have already done so much to show us our lives and our struggles aren’t worth the time of day. Commit to supporting an increased covid relief stimulus. Commit to the people who will be voting for your re-election come 2022.


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