Fraud and corruption in 2020 election

Gary Berube, Mandan

Why is it the only elected official with any ethical and moral conviction happens to be a freshman from Mo, Senator Josh Hawley. He knows there was fraud and corruption in the 2020 election (As you know there was), but he has the courage to stand up and object. I expect you to do the same. If we do not condemn fraud, abuse and corruption, we are condoning it. I want my Grandchildren to know I did everything I could to stop this corruption, even if it means giving my life during the revolution which appears to be inevitable since our elected officials will not do anything to stop the corruption and the ensuing socialism. I am not willing to be a subject, nor do I want my Grandchildren to be subjects or slaves. Our elected officials took an oath to defend this country and our Constitution, let’s see some proud action, Please pull your head out of the sand!


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