Fake news led to Capitol protes

Steven Moen, Minot

Why is the fake news media surprised and outraged at the mostly peaceful protest at the Capitol on Jan. 6th, after all they have spent more than four years orchestrating the coup that looks to be completed which will turn our country over to China without a shot being fired.

For years the fake news have misreported the news glorifying the lefts burning down cities, and the social media has and still is censoring free speech so the free exchange of ideas is thrown out the window. In fact them saying they stormed the Capitol is a lie as video shows the police opening the gates and letting them in.

The election has been proven to be fraudulently compromised and Congress just certified the fraud by naming Biden President. All the challenges to this fraud have been tossed out of court, the FBI doesn’t investigate, the justice department is absent so privately funded investigators and lawyers are looking into something the government should be doing because elections laws have been broken but since the fraudulent left is doing it, then it’s OK.

So when all else fails people protest and if that fails they take up arms, that’s how we won our freedom from the English, freed the slaves from the Democrat slaveholders, and how in Athens Georgia in 1946 when returning WWII vets took their town and county back from corrupt Democrat mobsters. When all else fails patriots rise up and I fear the shooting of a unarmed 35-year-old, 14-year Air Force veteran, Ashli Babbit, in the Capitol building by some old guy in a suit, not a cop, will be the new shot heard around the world. Maybe justice can be prevail and be resolved peacefully but I don’t see it happening.


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