Dark winter coming

Robert Lebacken, Reynolds

Today I fear will be the last day of freedom in the US. With liberal lunacy in charge our freedoms, choices, and opportunities will slowly dissolve. Bleeding to death by a thousand paper cuts. More regulations in our everyday lives. Ruining the self-resilience of energy and potentially increasing energy costs for the green lies. Less unborn protection for the most innocent. Censorship not seen since the dark days of a prior time in Europe. Propaganda and leftist indoctrination by the worthless, dishonest media as well as with the public school system and higher ed.

I missed the day of my schooling they taught “Hate America Day”, while teaching that Communism, Fascism, Socialism, and Marxism are great, yet they have never worked in favor of the people of countries that are ruled by those.

Some now know less than honest ways to steal elections with mail in ballots, ballot harvesting, lax voter ID laws, month long election days before election day, shut downs during the counting process, and ballot counting machines. Promises to those that come here illegally and are rewarded for breaking our laws.

The Constitution is evil in the leftist mind set. Unfair they cry. Yet it is our best document of freedom ever written. Some just want absolute power and the Constitution stands in their way.

Free speech of the 1st Amendment and the right to bear to bear arms of the 2nd will be the target, as both offer freedom and hinder their control.

The great President Reagan said “If we lose freedom here, there is no place to escape to. This is the last stand on earth.” Starting on January 20, 2021 I fear this will be the case.


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