Dark and distressing days

Andrew Allis, Granville

This is, indeed, a very dark and distressing day in this nation’s history. As it stands now at the time of the writing of this piece (early post-election dawn), it looks like two outright communists (not used in a pejorative sense, but rather an accurate description of their ideology) have won both senatorial seats in the formerly red state of Georgia, showing just how far the cancer of leftism/progressivism has permeated this country. I’m inclined to believe that God has decided to bring upon us the judgment which we have so richly deserved now for decades as a Godless nation (murdering the unborn legally since 1973, sodomy marriage, transgenderism, inventing a myriad of genders, ignoring our Creator and Redeemer and overtly giving Him the middle finger) AND ordained persecution for His true Church in order to purify her.

If this stands, the Leftist Democrats will be completely in charge of the Govt of these United States with no one able to check, block, mitigate, or slowdown their radical agenda which includes . . . packing and completely politicizing the Supreme Court, adding the two new “states” of the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico with their 4 new Democrat Senators, opening up our boarders, giving illegals the vote, ensuring they never lose another election by making the US basically a one Party State, bringing in unabashed Socialism/Communism, bankrupting our Economy, shredding the Constitution (most specifically the first and 2nd Amendments), and passing the so-called “Equality Act” forcing the homosexual/Trans/Multi-Genders agenda upon even Churches, Christian Colleges and Organizations, requiring same-sex dorms, homosexuals and transgenders on their boards and in leadership etc. etc. etc.

Though not a prophet, or the son of a prophet, it looks like we will move in the direction of what we see in Communist Countries with a compliant, subservient, totally State-controlled Church, comprised of the already liberal apostate mainline Protestant Denominations, the Roman Catholic Church and traitorous “Big Eva” (the Evangelical-Industrial Complex) and their already corrupt Marxist “Woke” Churches. (The large mega “seeker friendly” entertainment-driven and prosperity preaching “churches” will also be in this group.) Opposed to, and apart from, the State sanctioned Church will be the persecuted, increasingly underground, faithful Church of true believers in Jesus Christ who will undergo loss (of jobs, money, social standing, reputation, position, this-world security, “friends,” false brethern, even family, their freedom, and in time their lives) but will be purified, and grow in courage and spiritual strength to the Glory of God.

Yes, God is still on His throne and will keep his Bride as the apple of his eye, but that doesn’t mean persecution, worldly loss, and pain aren’t coming to true believers. Moreover, if you think this analysis is overblown, reactionary, and alarmist, it only serves to prove you don’t understand the Left.


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