Thank you, Mr. President

Ron Schmidt, Tolna

Well Donald Trump is soon to be gone. Legally? Slavery used to be legal. Fairly, absolutely not.

No president has ever been so maligned by opposition politicians and press alike. An absurd travesty. Trump was and is Immanuel Goldstein incarnate.

His opposition is synonymous with a pack of wolves. No, I won’t insult wolves. More like a pack of jackals or hyenas.

Journalism be damned.

Nothing but lies, half-truths, and yes, silence sometimes the biggest lie of all. Four years, 24/7.

More than four billion years or evolution and it’s come to this. Give the chimps or raccoons a crack at civilization. They couldn’t do any worse.

It’s probable that because of Donald Trump, millions of lives will be saved. His expeditious approach to the development of COVID-19 vaccines will speak for itself. The opposition politicians and press certainly won’t.

Thank you Mr. President.

I’m an atheist. I will not forgive the lying opposition politicians and press.

“They have always known what they have done.”


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