Thank you, Minot

Carl Young, founder, COVID-19 Memorial Project, Bismarck

Last week, Minot’s Roosevelt Park hosted the Covid Memorial Project. I wanted to take a moment to thank the Minot community. For all that sent comments to us about the memorial, and shared their stories. We appreciate each of you and your loved ones will not be forgotten. Once the ground thaws, we will be bringing the memorial around the state again for people to see. Hopefully, we will make it to Minot with the full display which is 1 flag for every 1 person who has passed.

For those who stopped each time someone was at the Memorial working and volunteered to help, we do appreciate it. It’s not that we didn’t want help, it’s more that we didn’t want to risk infecting anyone because we were asymptomatic. Better to be safe than sorry.

Thank you to Minot Parks for coming through for us on what turned out to be short notice. Carrie Evans for her assistance in doing the preliminary leg work. and Karen S. for maintaining the Memorial when she was out for her daily walk.

Our numbers have begun to come down. Yesterday for the first time in 3 months, we posted 0 new deaths. That is significant.

Together we can overcome Covid-19 and make it a part of history.

You can view more about the memorial at http://www.covidmemorialproject.com


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