Mandate came too late

David J. Fugere, Dunseith

Tomorrow I will bury my best friend. He died from the virus, the democratic hoax, as some have called it. When I woke up this morning, I turned on the news and saw the Governor of North Dakota standing at a podium, congratulating himself on the decline in the cases of this virus. Three months ago we were number one in the world per capita for contracting this virus. It took the Governor three months to order a mask mandate after we were named number one. That surly helped in the downward trend. He goes on to say “it makes me think we did it at exactly the right time.” You mean to tell me, you think three months later is exactly the right time? You wasted three months. How many people lost their lives, or the lives of their loved ones in those three months? So as you stood at that podium and congratulated yourself, were you really thinking in your narcissistic mind that you did a good job? Well I don’t feel that you did a good job at all. But I guess you could not please your commander in chief with a mask on.


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