Drivers license department disappoints

Robert Gupton, Berthold


I made an appointment and there was no problem with being seen on time; however, at window 3 the woman that worked today December 16th, 2020, at around 2:30 PM lied intentionally about my vision. She first told me perfect when it came to evaluating peripheral vision. Then she said the (but) word and claimed she had to put a restriction pertaining to my peripheral vision on my licence. I offered to wear my glasses since I told her I had been to an eye doctor very recently. She responded (that won’t be necessary) and she would not fix it.

This will cost me one day of work and 200 more dollars to see an eye doctor and additional time to be retested if I decide to be bullied. This woman lied, lied, lied. What is she pulling? I know I passed the test!! It’s sad I and anyone else would have to pay for the actions of a Department of Licence Employees’ behavior, that in my opinion executes the equivalent of a hate crime, not to mention falsifying State of North Dakota documents and falsifying documents across all state lines and international borders while I’m in possession of this fraudulent licence. This person is a representative of the state of North Dakota. As far as I’m concerned this person and her handlers are without honor and Integrity. I will say, the ramifications to myself could potentially far exceed just the actions she’s taken as of now when it comes to potentially getting a job, etc.

Thanks for reading this, maybe this will be useful to the next unsuspecting victim-customer of the DRIVERS LICENSE DEPARTMENT, in MINOT NORTH DAKOTA.


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