Home treatment urgently needed for COVID-19

Jim Olson


“Hope you’re doing well.”

That’s the response received by a man I know who had emailed his doctor last month, saying he had developed symptoms of COVID-19.

“Hope you’re doing well.”

Sadly, it’s what too often passes for early treatment of a disease that, when allowed to progress, can cause serious complications and even death, especially among people with conditions such as diabetes, hypertension and cardiovascular disease.

Early on when most people hardest hit were elderly and treatments were unrefined, 1 in 4 people hospitalized due to COVID-19 died. A more recent study shows that number is down to about 1 in 13 thanks to better treatment plans and younger, less frail patients being admitted. Still, avoiding hospitalization means your chance of surviving the disease is dramatically improved. As a bonus, you’ll relieve pressure on local healthcare workers and hospitals.

If only there were a protocol that could inhibit the replication of the virus in the early stage of COVID to keep people from requiring hospitalization. It turns out there is and it’s been here all along. Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) plus zinc and azithromycin have been used around the world to dampen the virus’s impact. In fact, according to a white paper in The Economic Standard, the United States remains an “international outlier on HCQ, as one of just a handful of countries that have moved to limit – rather than expand – patient access to the drug.”

“Hope you’re doing well.”

Dr. Peter McCullough, Vice Chief of Medicine at Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas, testified at a US Senate committee hearing this month that the failure to treat patients as soon as they show symptoms or have a positive test for COVID-19 is, “medically irresponsible and humanely unconscionable.” He says the lack of early treatment is contributing to the avalanche of cases now showing up at hospitals around the country. “The current program that’s supported by all (US) government bodies is that patients (with a positive COVID test) go home, they get no help whatsoever, doctors are not supposed to treat them, they go out in a panic to urgent cares and ERs and contaminate more people, and then they’re hospitalized and die. America has to wake up right here, right now. We are getting buried and we need home treatment.” (here is a link to highlights of the Senate hearing https://youtu.be/ftq6lmRlKgQ)

I don’t imagine my comments here will cause North Dakota political and/or medical leaders to change course. But I hope they might convince you to consider taking action on your own behalf:

– Learn about HCQ (http://www.hcqtrial.com) and the Zelenko Protocol (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1TaRDwXMhQHSMsgrs9TFBclHjPHerX MuB87DUXmcAvwg/edit).

– Contact an online doctor if necessary (http://SpeakWithAnMD.com worked for me) and get a low-cost prescription for HCQ to have on hand should you develop symptoms.

– Start taking vitamins D and C and zinc supplements now to boost your immune system’s ability to fight off COVID and other viruses.

– Don’t let your mom or dad in a nursing home go untreated if they develop symptoms or have a positive test (even without symptoms).

In short, don’t settle for, “Hope you’re doing well.” The man who got that response from his doctor didn’t settle. He got prescriptions online for the Zelenko protocol, took the course of treatment, avoided hospitalization, and is doing well today. No one can say if the treatment influenced the course of his infection or if he, like a large percentage of those who contract the virus, would have been fine without any intervention. But the bottom line is: why not try a drug that’s proven safe over 65 years of wide use around the world and that is demonstrating it can reduce the rate of hospitalization and death in COVID-19?

P.S. If you research these things, be aware that Google often directs results in its favored political direction. I’ve found http://bing.com and http://duckduckgo.com to be unbiased search engines.


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