Election integrity needed to trust process

Patricia Ann Marquard, Minot

While I was watching the process of the Presidential Election on television what I saw defied belief. It was because of the way the number of voter ballots came in, and how the projection of electors for both candidates were portrayed on the networks. What I viewed required explanation. The election process was not that of a country that has laws. If we are ever going to have faith in the integrity of our national elections we will have to mandate in person voting at the polling locations. Absentee voting is a type of mail-in voting where the courthouse checks to see if you are a registered voter. That type of voting is an acceptable method of voting. Military absentee ballots are also a regulated method of voting because the military personnel register to vote by this method, and there is also a deadline.

I have watched the media networks play games with Donald Trump’s televised events and their opinionated versions of the news for four years. That contributes to my mistrust of the television networks news programs. I’m sure others agree.

The values and character building that we were taught when growing up taught us to be honest. We expect honesty from the government, media, television, social media, and business leaders.


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