A most precious gift

Lloyd Kvam


I want to give you a little background before I begin. The first born in our family died from pneumonia when he was two weeks old. My family was on a farm at the time near Plaza,ND.

When I was five years old my dad got a job on the railroad so we moved our house to Minot. I helped my dad dig the basement one shovel of dirt at a time. Then we melted the lead to put the plumbing together.

At age 4 my brother died on the operating table at Trinity. When I was in the 5th grade my sister died at the old YMCA. She was age 12 and had a heart problem that we didn’t know about. Anyway I’ve had a tragic life. Now to the story:

In junior high school I worked part-time at a department store. On Christmas Eve I bought a piece of carpet for my parents. It was about 12X20 in size. The store closed early so I rolled it up and put it on my shoulder and headed home. It started to snow and of course the wind was against me. I lived on 6th St. and 12th Ave. so it was a hike. I had to go up hill on 3rd St. ( Summit Drive ) at the time. I still remember all the cars that passed me. The carpet was getting so heavy that I cried and prayed that I would make it home.

Our house had wooden floors and they were always very cold. When I went in the front door my mother burst out in tears. I had never seen her so happy before in my life. My dad was at work. That night we had a very warm Christmas. My sisters slept on the floor so when they woke up on Christmas they were all very toasty warm and very thankful that God remembered us after all that we had gone through. It was the best money that I had ever spent.

Since that Christmas I married to a beautiful woman. She passed away 13 years ago next month from heart disease. We were married for 38 years and had 4 children. We lost two boys and my son just had a kidney transplant but he is having a lot of complications. He had no kidneys for 20 years. I have 7 graves at Rosehill and my wife is in Phoenix, AZ., at a church yard. I haven’t worked for 20 years because of back problems.

People, count your blessings. A small gift can mean the world to some. Remember JESUS WAS THE GREATEST GIFT OF ALL.

Because they won’t tell you…


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