So now we know

Andrea Allis


What do we know? We know for certain, by the released memo that then CIA Director John Brennan has admitted he wrote in the Summer of 2016, Hillary Clinton invented a scandal that candidate Donald Trump colluded with the Russians, in order to detract attention from her own email server scandal, per Brennan’s very memo which states this.

We know that Brennan and President Obama (who Brennan briefed about this along with Susan Rice and the FBI) knew it was invented, made up out of whole cloth, and yet they watched Trump (and many others) falsely accused of Russian collusion, hampered from doing his job, and investigated by Mueller for years, and yet said nothing. How immoral can one be! This is not only stunning political corruption at the highest levels of our government, it’s also a display of remarkable personal corruption.

We also know the only ones who colluded with Russian intelligence was Hillary Clinton and the DNC, no one else, in order to get material for the fake Russian concocted dossier. As well, at least at the time of the writing of this Editorial, we know of no major mainstream (other than more conservative media venues) news outlet that has paid this major political scandal, that makes Watergate look like child’s play, the coverage it warrants. Truly the mainstream media has rightly been called an appendage of the DNC, their willing water-carrying lackeys.


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