Small town values alive in Granville

Andrew Allis, Granville

I wanted to give a shout-out to the honest folks in Granville evidenced by a recent incident at the Memorial Diner on Main Street there, which displayed the the best of small town caring and honesty.

My wife and I moved from the East Coast to this small but friendly town some 22 miles east of Minot in April of this year. Although not under any illusion we would find the mythical ideal town of Mayberry depicted on The Andy Griffith Show here in Granville, we were hoping for the better aspects of what small town living could offer, such as a slower and more relaxed pace, as well as, a friendly, safe, caring and honest community of good neighbors who look out for one another.

We have not been disappointed as revealed when I lost $90 in cash, my change from a hundred dollar bill, outside the entrance upon leaving the diner.

It was found by a long-time resident of Granville, Sharon Sitter, who immediately gave it to the Memorial Diner’s owner, Donna Lundy, another lifelong resident who then actually “went the extra mile” driving to my house to return the money. I had the money back just as I was coming to the realization that I had lost it.

It’s unfortunately getting more and more rare to even get a lost wallet with identification back, but to have lost bare cash returned is almost unheard of. Apparently, however, not in Granville at the Memorial Diner as I was told after this incident that some 2 years ago, at Christmastime, a customer left $1,000 at the Diner and Donna tracked her down and returned it then as well.

How refreshing to know, and appreciative I am, to experience, firsthand, the best of small town Americana values here in my new hometown of Granville, ND.


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