We can’t support chaos

Dianne Knell, Mandan

I want to thank Senators Hoeven and Cramer for supporting President Trump’s decision to move forward on a Supreme Court nominee.

We need to fill the vacancy with someone who respects the rule of law and is committed to upholding the Constitution.

University of North Dakota Law School Dean McGinnis said recently that filling the Supreme Court seat this year would be consistent with past precedent.

We have seen that liberals across the country are committed to chaos and using any means necessary to meet their goals. They would love the opportunity to fill this seat with someone sympathetic to their ways.

In our state we had a front row seat to an administration abdicating their responsibility to uphold the rule of law and allowing violent protesters to illegally camp out in our state for months on end. We can’t have a court that is willing to turn a blind eye to lawlessness in pursuit of ideological goals.

If we aren’t ruled by law, we are ruled by chaos.


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