The meaning of hate

Tawny Cale, Minot Air Force Base

Anger: an·ger



a strong feeling of annoyance, displeasure, or hostility.

“I hate being accused of hate,” one attendee of Minot’s September 8th City Council meeting stated as he stood there wearing his MAGA hat and openly speaking out against our LGBTQ2S+ relatives. “OUR Freedoms are being taken away,’ lamented another man. “An abomination to God” and “Satan’s flag” claimed others in regards to the rainbow flag that was flown over city hall last week. “See how angry she is?” they scoffed and scorned once Alderwoman Evans was pushed to her brink and reacted. “You’re not a very smart person,” somebody even had the audacity to say to Mayor Sipma. Why, when being baited and spoken to condescendingly, do we have to take the high road? Especially after being told, “No one hates you; it’s your lifestyle.”

The raising of the pride flag was accomplished by going through the proper channels and procedures. You could say it was done “the right way” yet the attacks are claiming it’s all wrong. A tactic and belief commonly taken by those who disagree with protest in general claiming that “racism doesn’t exist” or “I’m not bigoted, but…”

I wonder if the people who kept stating that “there should be no other flag on that pole except the American flag” are ok with our North Dakota state flag being up there. After all, all states matter.


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