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Steven Moen, Minot

I wonder why it is that when BLM supporters show up for a riot carrying AR-15s the media calls them peaceful protesters making no mention that they’re armed but when NRA members show up for a peaceful rally carrying the same AR-15s they are labeled extreme rightwing white supremacists armed with assault rifles. The best one was Lloyd Omdahl’s statement that supporting BLM is OK but supporting All Lives Matter is bigoted, how can supporting everyone be bigoted?

I don’t know about you but I’m getting sick and tired of hearing the COVID numbers every time the news comes on. I think the only reason they keep touting these numbers is to scare people and to take up time in the newscast so they don’t have to go out and look for real news.

Why not tell us how many people were diagnosed with cancer, how many are hospitalized with it, how many recovered and how many died. Or how many people were diagnosed with heart conditions, how many are hospitalized, how many recovered and how many died. Or how many are just sick from any disease, how many are hospitalized, how many recovered and how many died. How many people just naturally die everyday from natural causes? Or how many people died of drug overdoses, or how many committed suicide, or how many are suffering from domestic violence, or are just clinically depressed because of the Covid 19 lockdowns. I’m saving the best for last, how many little babies die everyday because of abortion, very few ever get hospitalized, fewer yet ever recover, almost 100% are dead on arrival, because the only ones who survive are the ones that the abortionist messed up on the abortion.

Why don’t we ever hear these statistics by the mainstream fake news media? The answer is easy; it doesn’t support the liberal left wing democrat agenda of making this a socialist country.


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