Follow the rules

Ron Carlson, Bismarck

You all remember the last judicial confirmation process, The Kavanaugh fiasco? How could anyone forget Da Nang Dick Blumenthal’s questions/innuendos? The unprofessional approach witnessed by the entire world? Listening to the witness that couldn’t remember how she got to the party house, who was there (those she said were there denied it), she couldn’t remember who drove her home but she did remember she had “one beers”?

Remember any of that?

Do you remember she was terrified to fly and required time to get to the hearings? Then we find out from her ex-male friend the two of them puddle jumped around the Hawaiian Islands years earlier in a little single engine plane. Well, now I wonder if we’ll have another review of someone’s sexual activities taking place decades earlier and never reported but pulled out of the hat in an attempt to destroy a person’s life and family?

May I suggest you follow the rules, Senators, all two of them. Rule 1. The President makes the nomination. Rule 2. The Senate confirms or does not confirm but they vote on the candidate nominated. There is not a requirement to hold those political jockeying hearings…that is not a requirement. Please save all of us from the embarrassment of the left repeating their unacceptable behavior. May I repeat: the President nominates and the Senate votes up or down.

Allow me to quote the late great Justice Ginsberg who said in 2016 when asked if then President Obama could nominate Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court during the last year of his second term. Justice Ginsberg said, “There is nothing in the Constitution that would prevent such a nomination”.


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