Fly your own flag – at home

Donita Magnuson, Minot

I am writing this letter in regards to the decision to raise the LGBQ flag at our City Hall.

I understand that there are current issues at the state level regarding backlash and the LGBQ resolution. As a tax paying citizen I don’t agree with your decision to raise the LGBQ flag at City Hall. That building, Mr. Mayor – City Hall – belongs to We The People. Yes, that means all people.

Your decision to take this action will have several repercussions. Decisions such as this are what have led to riots, looting and destruction in our major cities. It all starts with simple acts such as this. “Let’s give this or that organization some recognition.” “Let’s make them ‘feel’ like they are an important part of our community.”

You, as an individual, have the right to march in any parade you choose. You, as an individual, have the right to support any cause. However, Mr. Mayor, you do not have the right to push anyone’s agenda or lifestyle on OUR city, especially a blatant display such as a flag at a building that is paid for by the taxpayers.

I honor our American flag and support the ND state flag that are currently displayed at buildings paid for by the people of this great state.

Hanging flags of any other nature should not be permitted, unless voted on at the ballot box; a decision made by The People.

If you choose to support a cause…any cause, hang the flag above your front door, not at the People’s.

Today it’s LGBQ…tomorrow…BLM…ANTIFA… White Supremacy. You have opened up a can of worms, Mr. Mayor, and I pray that lunacy does not prevail in the streets of our fine city due to a poor decision brought to us by you.

The old saying, “Give them an inch they will take a mile,” has relevancy because it is a FACT.


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