Canada handling COVID better than U.S.

James Lein, Minot

North Dakota continues to have the highest rate of Covid cases in the nation. Some of this may be due to our level of testing. But even if this is so, what are we doing to lower the number of cases?

Will we follow President Trump’s suggestion to test less? That’s sure to further reduce this number-NOT.

About time we lived in the real world, as responsible adults, no longer pretending there is some wishful and passive and magical way of dealing with the pandemic, with it just going away on its own because our President says it will.

Four years of this lack of concern for human life is enough.

Other countries, including one just across our northern border, have had much, much more success in controlling the virus, with far, far fewer cases and deaths.

It’s time we acted more like citizens, for the good of the country.


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