A simple statement

Wayne Rowe, Minot

Hello to all the citizens of Minot. I have just taken sometime to watch on YouTube the City Council meeting of Sept 21, 2020. I am deeply saddened that this meeting actually showed a huge rift in Minot amongst its citizens. The heated discussion of this council meeting was in regards to the Rainbow Flag that was hoisted up just a couple of weeks ago.

I direct this letter to all those church goers that apparently had a lot to say about the flag. I am not sure what people were from what domination of church – but somehow I am pretty much certain that if you are attending church you probably call yourself a Christian. As I write this I believe that every Pastor, Reverend, Minister can create a sermon in regards to the flag and comments made towards the City Council.

What I heard was by far the most upsetting expression of hate aimed at those that have a different sexual orientation. A lot of the comments made by church goers really not showing any sign of being Christian.

I have one gay friend that I know of. I have known him since kindergarten which is a long time since I am 58 yrs. old. Unfortunately, he is now over a thousand miles away and we don’t get to see each much. It should be obvious to all you church goers but maybe it’s not and that is why you feel the need to tromp all over the gay pride flag.

My friend puts his pants on the same as any male, he is very well educated and just recently achieved his Doctorate. We chat and spar about politics. I spent some time with him last year and we enjoyed the time together. Looking ahead one of us will pass before the other and I am sure the loss either way will create a few very sad days.

When you have had a friend that long it just has to hurt.

I am a Christian although I do not attend a church very often. I remember lessons learned in Sunday school and many a sermon that I have listened to. I could, I am sure, throw out a lot of quotes from the Bible about Love, Brothers and Neighbors. My friend is as some might say – He is my brotha from another motha. As lifetime friends do – he is loved.

I challenge each and everyone of you church goers to examine why you go to church. Because I am sure that God wants really only one thing from each of us especially those that desire to call themselves Christians. He wants us to love one another as he loves us. Take a moment and consider that simple statement.


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