Cramer bill a name-changer

Bob McNamara, Upham

I was surprised to read in the Aug. 21 paper that Kevin Cramer’s first bill to pass the Senate was a name change for Sulley’s Hill.

Per your article he stated “While changing its name may have seemed insignificant to some in Washington it was never a small thing to me” and “while we cannot change the past we can improve our future.”

It appears he was well ahead of his time in recognizing what lots of people in this country are up in arms about lately. I say I was surprised to read his position because I haven’t heard him say anything similar about what some consider offensive.

Changing the name of Custer Park in Bismarck, changing names of military bases, removing statues, etc. Now it seems to me he must be in favor of those things being changed. Maybe the Daily News would step out and clarify that position.


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