A proper escort

Ron Bergman

The Bottineau County Veterans

Only in small hometown USA can someone be shown the respect and honor they deserve after a lifetime of service in uniform. On July 22nd, Lyle Lunde, accompanied by family members left his home in Bottineau to take up residence at the North Dakota Veterans Home in Lisbon, ND.

Lyle was escorted out-of-town by Bottineau County Sheriff Steve Watson and Deputy Sean Murphy. The escort also included four fire trucks from the Bottineau City Fire Department, several vehicles driven by veterans and friends, and a Mooney airplane flown by owner USAF Retired Lieutenant Colonel Leo Jostad. Leo performed a fly-over at Lyle’s home prior to the send-off and joined the honorary escort.

Lyle begin his lifelong career in uniform with his employment with the CCC in Bottineau County at the early age of 16. In March of 1941, he enlisted in the US Navy and served aboard the USS Wichita in both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans until the end of WWII. After returning home he operated the Pierce County maintainer before beginning his 35 years of service in law enforcement. Lyle served as a deputy with the Rugby Police Department before becoming a North Dakota Highway Patrolman. In 1966 Lyle was elected the Bottineau County Sheriff and served until his retirement in 1986.

Courant editor, Scott Wager wrote a moving article that captured the life of a well-respected man.

It is with overwelming gratitue and appreciation we salute Lyle Lunde and thank him for his service.

Lyle’s New Address:

ND Veterans Home, Attention Lyle Lunde, Box 673, Lisbon, ND 58054-0673


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