Wear a mask

Nancy Bommelman, Minot

Somebody please tell me what the big deal is about wearing a mask in public. I have to wear one eight hours a day, I don’t mind, I would rather be alive and be here with my family than not be here.

I hear in public places that I go “why do I have to wear a mask, you know it’s my civil right not to wear one.” What are you people, 10?

This is an adult decision that needs to be done to protect your family. Your civil rights went out the door with bobby socks and pig tails. Don’t try and pull that Trump card with me or any business. They are all told by their corporate office to make sure the masks are worn.

Then I hear “we aren’t going to shop here anymore.” Bull! How stupid do you think the public is. If you want to go into a business wear the mask, you are only going to be in the building, what, about fifteen minutes?

At least you won’t be one of those people that will spread the virus. When I go out in public I wear one. If you want to cause a scene in public in front of your children or wife or husband do it somewhere else, don’t make an ass of yourself so everybody can record it. We survived 911 we sure are going to survive this Covid 19.

Some people think that this doesn’t exist, some people do. Everybody watch, after the election all this is going to go away. This to me, and this is just my opinion , is blown way out of proportion. Look at all the underlying conditions that these people in their more advanced years have, and they are dying all over the country.

I read something one day that makes a lot of sense. CLICK OR TICKET, MASK IT OR CASKET. Now do you get it. WEAR THE MASK


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