Support HEROES Act

Landis Larson, West Fargo

While Mitch McConnell has been inexcusably dragging his feet on passing the next round of much needed coronavirus relief, I urge Senators Hoeven and Cramer to support the HEROES Act as it was passed by the House in May. As the pandemic continues to wreak havoc across the country, laid-off workers have yet another burden to face in the coming weeks: the end of the $600 unemployment benefits provided by the CARES Act. This additional $600 stipend, set to expire at the end of July, has quite literally meant life or death for millions of America’s families including thousands of families across North Dakota. It’s given families the ability to pay for their rent or mortgage, make car payments, or afford groceries and prescriptions. Let’s be clear: Nobody wants to be unemployed. A job is about more than a paycheck–it’s a source of dignity. Millions are out of work through no fault of their own. Unless the Senate passes the HEROES Act, which would continue these payments into January, Americans will needlessly suffer. Senators Hoeven and Cramer need to stand up for the working people of North Dakota and pass the HEROES Act without delay.

Larson is president of the North Dakota AFL-CIO.


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