Decency and thankfulness alive in Minot

Matthew Klein, Minot

On Friday morning, June 26, I was doing my grocery shopping at Cash Wise, dutifully wearing my mask that steams up my glasses. I was perdiodically having the usual trouble of finding items on my wife’s list.

Finally getting in the checkout line, I was behind a lady that was having trouble writing a check and what seemed like balancing her checkbook. Actually, I just grimaced and kept quiet. A young black gentleman came up behind me with a heavy basket of, I believe, corn and squash.

I asked him if that was all he was purchasing and waved him ahead of me in line, practicing social distancing! He nodded and proceeded to check out.

You bag your own groceries at Cash Wise and possibly struggle with opening the plastic bags.

I followed him and checked out. As I proceeded to take my credit card out, the gentleman returned, put his credit card into the unit and paid for my $27 grocery bill. A real return for an act of courtesy. I could only smile and wave “thank you.”

Maybe my Trump 2020 cap did the trick.


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