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Andrew Allis, Granville

The City of Chicago saw its deadliest day in 60 years on Sunday, May 31, with 18 murders in 24 hours, all black on black crime. If black lives truly matter then where is “Black Lives Matter?”

Not a peep out of them. Crickets. Not even a comment, as usual, when it’s blacks killing blacks. Where are the protests, the riots, the looting, the burnings, the demonstrations, the shutting down of streets in mass outrage for the senseless unending gang related violence happening day after day and night after night in those inner city neighborhoods and, as well, the TV cameras covering it all?

Do black lives NOT matter unless it’s a white cop killing a black person? Is the deafening silence from BLM because it doesn’t fit their false narrative that white cops are committing genocide against black men (even though all the statistical evidence contradicts such an accusation)? Is it because it doesn’t fit the Left’s Cultural Marxist narrative of systemic oppression and racism in the United States?

Sure it is.


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