Send grandma packing

Carolyn Stair, Minot

This is in response to “I’m that grandmother,” by Karen Sanderson.

This grandma is also fighting for freedom in our country, fighting for our right for freedom of speech, religion, and to be free in our country. Before you go around bashing the Republican Party and our Republican candidates, you need to do your homework.

Who is paying you to trash the conservative party? Yes, Karen, I know all about the demo crew. The party that has sold America out to a terrorist country and are trying to turn our country into a socialist communist country.

Your party has been trashing anyone that tries to defend our constitution, our country, our churches, and our rule of law. Your party is the one that has taken the Bible out of schools, has orchestrated the tearing down of crosses, the Ten Commandments, and has been attacking Christians all over the world and destroying any history that has been built.

Your party has been orchestrating lies to discredit the good people of this country. You have been trying since Trump became president to remove him from office and paying women to make up lies against anyone that has some common sense.

I have never seen so much hate, attacks, and lies that have been orchestrated by your party. You want to live in a socialist country? Go visit Venezuela.

This country was once the richest country in the world; since then communists took over and it became a socialist country. People are starving and having to run for their lives. Be careful who you are defending because it can and will come back to you two-fold. This is God’s country and He is the one you will have to answer to in the end.


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