George Washington had it right

Richard Reuer, Minot

Besides the obituary column, I really enjoy reading the “Letters to the Editor.” Some of the letters are very well written with food for thought, but then there are those who really write to display their angry attitude. It really bothers me when I read about those who down our politicians, me, I sometimes find myself agreeing with them without even asking myself, what am I doing about the situation and what would I do if I were in that person’s shoes.

Election year to me is just another day on the calendar, just like any other days of the week. Some days can be days to remember of the good and some of the bad.

I want to first say that I’m neither Democrat nor Republican, for what I read about what George Washington, our first president said about parties as he was not of any party, just a person who was elected to be our first president. George Washington back then says that parties cause division, and here we are in the 21st century, and how his statement really stands to be said true.

Each year when election year comes up for whatever we are going to be voting on, I have said many times to my brother that if those who are running for office would just use that opportunity when they are on the campaign trail to speak as if they have won and what will they do on the first day in their office.

Those running for office sometimes make it hard for voters like me when words of hater come out of their months about those running against them. To me, they are showing that about me, even thought they don’t mention my name or even know who I am.

What would it be like if those we are voting for would not display their party name and just let those who have heard what the candidates’ say about why we should vote for them vote without having to be on a party list? To me, then it leaves an open door for anyone without having to worry about what party they are voting for.

Secondly, it seems that racism has become a big factor within our country, and always has. For what I can see through the Democratic and Republican parties, they both show their sides of racism just as we as humans shows towards ourselves. Black and white. Democrat and Republican. It’s just how one really sees the truth in the two.

So, I say for once, let us Americans vote without having to choose a party, but a person who shows true patriotism and really stands up for what our forefathers had established for our country over 200 years ago. Times are changing, but that doesn’t mean we have to change times in our way of living because someone of one party wants to make that change for themselves to say they have done something while in office.


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