Another grandma heard from

June-Marie von Osinski, Minot

Well said, Karen Sanderson!!!!

Absolutely agree with your point of view.

My husband and I have sent countless emails to Senator Hoeven regarding the impeachment and imploring to do the right thing and vote for the impeachment. Trump was guilty, his own lawyers agreed but they just gave him more power.

We have told Senator Hoeven that with his vote, they have unleashed a monster who wants to be a dictator.

We have gotten standard responses to the effect that he appreciates our comments, blah blah.

We never contact Senator Cramer as he isn’t worth the effort.

I am dual citizen with Canada and how he has wrecked Canadian and American relations is just shameful. It will takes years to repair.

Most Americans don’t know or care about Canada but here in Minot, the Canadian tourist monies mean a great deal to the economy.

Does everyone in Minot know that Trump ordered 3M not to sell masks to Canada (even though the pulp that goes into these masks is from Canada) and then he sends respirators to Russia. The Canadians are being encouraged not to buy U.S. products and not to come into the USA. The Canadians don’t want the Americans coming into their country right now as they have the virus under control, whereas the USA doesn’t.

This grandmother and Nana is doing her best to turn votes against this totally unethical president.

Thank you again, Karen Sanderson.

Well done!!!!!


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