Weather modification claims misleading

Charlie Adams, Lansford

I support a NO vote on weather modification for Ward County and here is why:

The advocates for weather modification are misleading us. They claim they have reduced hail by 45%. Real world data shows hail loss rates have not changed since the years before 50 years of cloud seeding.

They also claim, “Canadian insurance companies fund to reduce hail damage to homes and cars.” The Canadian project they speak of is in Calgary, Alberta, where storms come off the mountains, often carrying hail. It does not include agricultural land or make claims regarding saving crops or making financial gains to farms. A CBC News article dated August 28, 2013, states, “Homeowners in Alberta can expect to pay at least 30 percent more for insurance, industry insiders warn. Insurance companies point to damage from hail and other storms as the reason for the rate hike.” Are those insurance companies raising their rates to pay for hail damage or to pay for the failed cloud seeding?

Weather modification claims credit for increasing rain in Ward County. False. Dr. Brian Brettschneider, a climatologist at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, compiled a map showing the 50-Year Precipitation Trend across the U.S. 1970-2019. Ward county is shown to have “little change” while surrounding counties where there is NO cloud seeding are two steps up at “moderately wetter.” More rain where there is no weather modification.

Vote NO on weather modification. Please stop a huge waste of millions of hard-earned tax dollars.


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