Vote “no” on pie in the sky project

N.D. Sen. Oley Larsen, Minot

How do you want your tax dollars spent? Do you want to support necessary county services or a “pie in the sky” project known as the Weather Modification Project?

You will be asked on the June 9th Primary ballot, whether to fund 5 more years of Weather Modification at a cost of almost $2 million. You will also be asked to extend a sales tax to fund Ward County road improvements. This should be a no-brainer.

If funding is so tight, and we know it is, why would we continue to fund a project like Weather Modification that sounds good in theory but has no real-world proof? It is a cold, hard fact we need the money for roads, parks, law enforcement, county extension services, social services and property tax relief.

In this time of Covid 19, our government at every level is spending record sums to mitigate the damages brought by this virus. We will not escape somehow, somewhere, paying for COVID-19 along with all the other services we expect through our tax dollars. How much more are you willing to pay to attempt to control the weather, too?

More information is at www.ndagainstweathermod.com and North Dakotans Against Weather Modification on Facebook.

Vote “no” on Weather Modification on the June 9 Primary Election ballot.


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