To lock down or not

Phil Weigel, Minot

There was a comment about Coronavirus, or as I like to call it, Beer Virus, that came across as a bit ignorant on the weekend of May 16-17th of The Minot Daily News.

This comment of “Are people so ignorant that they can’t realize the spread was not as fast BECAUSE we locked down and took precautions?”

Studies are coming out that are showing that locking down was actually the worst thing we could have done. Keeping the elderly and those who are vulnerable to diseases quarantined was, in fact, the right thing to do, but for the rest of us? We should have been out and about, been outside as doctors are showing that, yes, getting sunlight does, in fact, help fend off the Beer Virus.

Let’s look at a country, such as Sweden. Ten million people with a density of 57.5 people per square mile. They did not issue a lockdown and have come out as one of the better nations in Europe over it.

Yes, the fact that big cities are having more troubles is a thing, but maybe you missed how the Governor of New York said “it’s fine, do what you want” and the mayor of New York City encouraged people to take the subways? Or how Nancy Pelosi, after Trump issued a travel ban, said “Come to China town, it’s fine here.”?

Florida is opening up right now and they’re doing really well.


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