Even WHO now promoting the Sweden Model

Andrew Allis, Granville

Now even the World Health Organization, which has gone back and forth with putting out misinformation and then retracting or greatly altering it, needlessly creating panic by its ridiculously exaggerated dire projections of deaths, and whose “experts” have gotten so much about the coronavirus wrong, and just last month warned that lifting the lockdowns was “the last thing countries should do” now endorses the Sweden Model.

That country wisely kept their collective heads from panic, listened to “real science” and kept their country open. They did not crash their economy as we and most nations did, went about their daily lives (schools, businesses, Gov’t services and Entertainment all open) used common sense measures (social distancing, hand-washing etc.) and are doing just fine. Not just fine, but fantastic compared to us because their economy hasn’t been savaged.

The epidemiologists who said we should let this run through the society (only isolating the elderly, sick, and those predisposed to getting the virus) and keep it open developing a healthy “herd immunity” are being proven right. We, along with most of the world, due to bad information from “the experts” went about this “ass-backwards” and for the first time sought to quarantine the entire populous, the large mass of healthy people instead of, again, only the sick, elderly, and those otherwise predisposed to the virus. We have put 30 million people out of work (with all the pain associated with that) for nothing, sent suicides, spousal and child abuse, drug use, obesity and diabetes statistics through the roof, destroyed small businesses hardworking Americans spent a lifetime of sacrifice building up, demolished our hospitals and health care system . . . not because they have been overwhelmed but underwhelmed and not used, as well as, suicidally dismantled the most robust economy the world has ever seen, and done so all for nothing!

And these blue state leftist governors still want to keep their citizens locked in their homes. Why? Because it’s not about health and science at all, it’s about ideology, politics, power, control and exploiting this crisis (which was largely caused by our wrong reaction to the virus, not the virus itself) for their Big Gov’t. Marxist/Socialistic “fundamental transformation of America” vision and to keep this president from a second term. Yes, hurting their own people is fine, so much acceptable collateral damage, if it keeps Trump from being re-elected.

I literally thank God to be living in this red state with a sane governor.


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