We will survive this

Dan Reinhard, Minot

It is true that we have a long battle ahead but I have no doubt that we will defeat the devious virus enemy around us.

It is the pessimist that broadcasts the destructive elements of any affliction that we may suffer through. Some of them can reach the depths within their own troublesome psychological health to make themselves sick…and even drag others down with them.

But it is the optimist that never loses faith and will find the strength, courage and wisdom to keep climbing the mountain and all those that will lie ahead.

I know that we do not enjoy the extended time in the stable grooming and caring for our race horse. I think we all long to enter the paddock area, saddle up our horse, move to the post area, jump on, and then to the starting gate, just waiting for the door to spring open. We’ll be off to the races again soon…


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