This is war

Milo Buchholz, Fingal

For over 25 years, I have written about rocketry destroying the Earth. Most of my letters have fallen on deaf ears or in the shredders.

If there was ever a time when we had to lock our arms together and lock up the launch pads for five years wolrdwide, now is the time!

Because of all the erratic weather, we have created a virus that is blown by the wind and is still viable, a virus that sits on any sirface and is still viable. We the people breathe the air and we are always touching something. Now we are getting sick and dying.

We have way more clouds than sun and the sun is a killer. So without the sun killing germs and viruses, we have created a virus that is unstoppable!

Come on people, you just have to let your satellite subscriptions expire and work to stop rocketry. Call your elected in Washington, D.C., and demand the stopping of rockets.

The United States put up a satellite in the middle of February, so those shock rings are due around the first of April and North Korea put up three rockets a week apart. That erratic weather will be due in the middle of April, give or take. And the Lord only knows who did what in the way of rockets. They know the devastating effects rockets have on the earth, but mum is the word.


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