Media scaring the public

Steve Moen, Minot

I don’t know about you but I’m fed up with being inundated with coronavirus breaking news by the news media. Enough already, it’s here and we have to deal with it but we don’t need the fake news constantly and deliberately scaring us with various models whose accuracy are questionable every day all day long.

All this is doing is creating panic in the people and causing shortages of all sorts of things and putting millions of people out of work. What other news isn’t being reported due to 24/7 coronavirus coverage.

This year so far there are roughly 755,000 cases of coronavirus worldwide but over 1 billion influenza cases. In the U.S. the numbers are 140,000 cases of coronavirus and 9.3-45 million cases of influenza. Coronavirus deaths in the U.S. are 4,000 and influenza somewhere between 12-61,000. That’s a huge difference but the flu isn’t newsworthy today.

In 2019 42 million babies died by abortion worldwide and in 2017 862,00 were killed in the U.S.; not news worthy. Also every year over 40,000 die from drug overdoses, a statistic that is predicted to almost double due to 30 million people being unemployed due to coronavirus, 34,000 die in auto accidents, and get this 200,000-plus die from preventable medical errors; haven’t heard anything about this in years. And 710,000 people die from heart disease; haven’t heard much about this either.

We need to take reasonable precautions to combat these viruses both corona and influenza but I believe all the panic caused by the news media will cause way more damage than the actual viruses do. The increased suicides, murders, and other crimes most likely will go unreported.

In less than 3 months they have managed to erase all the economic gains this country has achieved in the last 3 years and they are going for a full blown depression for one reason only and that is that they hate Trump and his supporters far more than they love this country. They have spent over 3 years and many different crises to get rid of him and this one is the latest and they all failed.

But on the bright side all this panic and crisis is proving once again how out of step the left is with dealing with anything and all the government bureaucracy has once again proved its inefficiency and inability to handle fast moving crisis’s. It has also given us a taste of socialism, restrictions too many to name, shortages and empty store selves.

All it would take to take this crisis off the news is for Trump to cancel the elections and give himself another 4 years due to this pandemic and it would be gone tomorrow.


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