Wonder no more

Wayne Rowe, Minot

I think it is time to put a good scare into everyone reading your newspaper. The Coronavirus is slowly wreaking havoc around the world. The stock market is falling, oil prices dropping and people apparently going crazy for toilet paper. Oh yes and people are getting sick and some are dying.

Wow !! I would like to put things into perspective for all your readers. This is information from the American Cancer Society and pertains to only the U.S.A. 1.8 Million people will be diagnosed with Cancer in 2020. Approximately 4,000 people in North Dakota will be diagnosed with Cancer in 2020. Unfortunately, in the US they expect 606,500 people to lose the battle to Cancer.

Is anyone scared, No not really because Cancer is so scary that not even the politicians utter the “C” word. The American Cancer Society is scared apparently to educate the U.S while they continue to see a decrease in donations. I personally am doing my little bit through my website www.sharksbait.org to educate people through my experience with Prostate Cancer.

Now I have to wonder if your newspaper is too scared to publish this or if your paper wants to add to the media frenzy in regards to the Coronavirus.


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