Stop the media circus

Nancy Bommelman, Minot

It absolutely amazes me the people that are complaining about the city. Tom Barry did this, Shaun Sipma did that. Does anybody ever think about going to these people and ask questions yourself? I know I have talked to Tom Barry quite often and he will tell you that.

I am frustrated with the city and the council myself. There are a lot of questions to be answered and the citizens of Minot want answers. You know what really gets me? All these people that are complaining, did you vote?

Did you know there are over 23,000 people eligible to vote in Minot, and what kind of turn out do we have? Not even 4000 give or take a few hundred. Then you hear all these people that are holier than thou complaining about the city and what they are doing. Anybody can start rumors. GO ASK THEM TO THEIR FACE! It’s not hard to do, Lord knows I do it. I’ve even talked at the city council. Not for attention but to get my voice out there. If you don’t like what is going on you have yourself to blame because you didn’t vote. I know I do. EVERY TIME. I make sure my vote counts.

I urge people to talk to your council members and ask them questions that is what WE PAY THEM FOR!

When I was at the meeting for that hour and the city council voted on having an investigation in and so called allegations against certain people, the HR lady herself said that she has never had a complaint filed. So what the hell are we spending $300 per hour to have somebody come up and investigate what is going on? Here’s the million dollar questions, how long is this going to take?

If employees of the city have done something wrong they should be reprimanded. This is a child’s game and it needs to end.

I am NOT taking sides at all in anyway shape or form on this matter. My beef is, if you sit and talk with Mr. Barry you will see he DOES know what he is doing financially with the tax payers money. Now here me out on this, I am NOT for raising taxes anymore and I have told Mr. Barry this. What I want is for him, if he did something wrong to man up and admit it, I would respect him more if he did, but if he did nothing wrong, then the witch hunt must stop. What are we 10? (Let) He who is without sin cast the first stone. This media circus has got to stop. Be fair, play fair. We are all adults, …..right?


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