Still a need to recycle

Brad Magnuson, Minot

As the chairman of the ND Renewable Energy Caucus, I would like to address recycling in Minot. Lately, we’ve seen what the status is on getting curbside recycling in Minot.

It’s always been the position of this caucus, to have recycling. As such, we have a suggestion as to how to raise the money needed for this: we suggest that the city sell all of their interests in the parking garages, and be out from under that fiasco. The city will never see a return on their investment in these garages, and it’s best to cut losses, and sell the garages, and invest the money in recycling. This way, the homeowners would not be on the hook for starting curbside recycling.

By having curbside recycling, you reduce the garbage bills, and you eliminate the need to expand or start a new landfill.


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