Stay in your home if possible

Lloyd Kvam, Minot

There is a trend regarding senior housing so one would rather be closer to medical than family. Therefore the need for housing is growing as people can’t rely on living with family.

I believe that one should stay in their homes as long as they can. One might consider going together with a friend to buy a town home for example. That way you still have a yard, a patio, and a pet if desired. One might also buy a 4-plex and have a property management company take care of the business end for you. Now there is a lot of opportunity to get into something that will be a much easier transition than go to assisted living.

If you like losing control of your life then assisted living will be for you. Granted some people will not have a choice because of medical. However, you can always go to assisted living if you can afford it. I recommend you stay in your home as long as possible. Once you sell it’s very hard to go back to what you had.

There are a lot of things that you would give up. You might want to make a list. In our cold winters you might not get a garage either if you sell and move on. Friends are hard to make as we get older so keep the ones you have and consider buying together.


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