What’s wrong with this picture?

Nancy Bommelman, Minot

I have a few questions that I would like answered along with a lot of taxpayers.

1. How come we can spend millions on a new city hall but there are children that can’t afford lunches in schools?

2. Why isn’t the city giving money to these lunches so the kids don’t get a dry peanut butter and jelly sandwich? How do you think that makes the child feel?

3. Was the money ever given back to the city for the trip to Norway? I thought the Hostfest was going to pay the taxpayers back for that costly trip.

4. Since the state said the meeting in Washburn was illegal what are the repercussions of that incident?

5. What about the 15 houses that are going to be in aquisition due to the rerouting of the flood zone? 15 more families are going to be affected by this.

6. What exactly are the plans for Trinity Hospital after they move? What is going to happen to them?

7. How much debt is Minot in versus revenue the city is taking in?

8. What is the plan for Lutheran Social Services for bringing refugees to this area?

9. What are the tax plans for 2021?

I know three people that have asked for documents to be sent to them from the city. They were told it would cost money to send them. Why? This is suppose to be public record and information. We pay them to send documents out and to look things up don’t we? Taxpayers are paying their paycheck, why do we have to pay for documents? What is being hidden? I’m not saying they are, but there sure are a lot of secrets isn’t there?

That meeting in Washburn is one of the reasons why we can’t trust the city. What was said in that meeting, why there? I’d like the documents sent to me on the entire meeting. How much did it cost to go down there and back. Did anybody spend the night, did we have to pay that if they did?

We vote on things not to be built, they are built anyway. We feel we don’t matter. We do! The city council is suppose to be there for the people. From where I sit, they aren’t.

Think about all these questions when you go to the polls to vote next time.