U.S. never more divided

Steve Moen, Minot

We’re all going to get tired of political ads and the media’s endless braying about polls and such before we get to vote in November.

The thing to remember in all this is that never in recent history has there been such a huge difference in beliefs and agendas as there is now.

President Trump was elected in large part because he is an outsider and his message on making America great again resounded with the electorate. He also made a bunch of promises to us and he’s kept a huge number of them, see www.promiseskept.com, which is a refreshing change over past presidents who made a lot of promises but didn’t keep them.

Our economy is growing, unemployment is at historic lows, business is moving back to the USA, we are now the #1 oil producing country in the world, he has put numerous conservative, constitutionalist, Christian judges on the bench, is building a wall, is dealing with illegal immigration, is making huge trade deals and would be doing more if he didn’t always have to fight the swamp and deranged Democrat leadership who spend over two years and untold billions of dollars trying to impeach him.

Then on the other side we have candidates that all embrace socialism, some are full blown communists, they want to end fracking, open all our borders, continue killing babies, take away our guns, are in open rebellion against God, see Romans 1, and in essence want to overturn everything this country was founded on.

How are they going to get votes, by giving away all sorts of free stuff that they have no idea how to pay for? They want us to pay more for our healthcare so illegals can get it free, they want to raise our taxes so they can indoctrinate our kids for free, they want tax billionaires out of existence but guess what billionaires pay a huge percentage of taxes already so they’ll just leave and the jobs they created will leave with them.

Free stuff doesn’t equate to freedom and freedom isn’t free. Men and women throughout this country’s existence have paid dearly for this freedom in time, money, sweat, blood and even their lives that we might have this precious freedom and these people want to give us free stuff and take it away.

If this were 1776 none of the Democrat candidates would have signed the Declaration of Independence. Remember also the Democrats owned slaves and the Republicans freed them and they hated Lincoln just as much as they hate Trump. History keeps repeating itself especially by those who don’t study history.


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