Shame on county commisson

John Roll, Minot

Dear Ward County Courthouse Commissioners:

I have long pondered sending this memorandum to you. As you know, my former Boss terminated me after 5 years of mistreatment, where I had suffered under a daily hostile work environment.

Prior to my unjust firing, I gave the Ward County Courthouse my total and unwavering service for 17 years. I was qualified by schooling from (NDSCS) and other work experiences also including the training of other employees and Leona Lochthowe for their jobs. My exemplary service was shown with many awards in addition to those presented by you, the Ward County Commissioners.

During the past 7 years there has been a growing hostile work environment in the Courthouse caused by Leona. As you well know there has not been one proper or just investigation that had been performed by you into the employee complaints in the maintenance department. I can no longer remain silent, seeing that you are now allowing Leona to swallow up the livelihood, career and reputation of Mark McLain. A man with 40 years of faithful and steadfast service, to the Ward County people. Mark served under the watchful eyes of the many of Supervisors, and the many devoted Commissioners for 34 years prior to Leona.

I am proud to have been one of Mark’s Supervisors and can testify to his skills and knowledge and that he performed good and faithful service during his 40 years with Ward County.

My main concern is the ingratitude shown to the dedicated long-term employee’s in public service from the leaders who have the responsibility of protecting our public justice. This ingratitude especially includes not only Leona but also you as Ward County Commissioners. It is shameful to find appreciation and gratitude so degraded in you, the Ward County Commissioners. ‘You’ who have pledged your fidelity, sacredness, and a trust to the public voters. Your loss of equity and dignity is treasonable by you. You are allowing Leona’s discrimination, harassment and hostile work environment to continue and grow. I ask you to please return good morals back to Ward County, and investigate the unjust and discriminatory discharge of Mark McLain and myself. The investigation would show that the person to be discharged from Ward County would be Leona Lochthowe. If you Commissioners cannot see this, it would do no earthly good to go into more of Marks qualifications, vs. Leona’s baneful deceptions.


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