Property tax the most unfair of taxes

Jim Soltis, Minot

On Saturday the 18th, I attended the District 38 Reagan Luncheon & Delegate Election Convention. The Keynote speaker was Rep. Rick Becker from Bismarck. His speech was about the movement to suspend property taxes. His speech made it clear that there was more than enough money in the state to replace the property taxes assessed to the citizens of North Dakota. This effort will be included in the next year and he feels confident that this can happen. It is important that the word is spread to the citizens of North Dakota.

One of the major problems with property taxes in the City of Minot is that the City and County have put such a burden on property owners with increases that never seem to end. Even though the claims that there will be no increase this year, there surely will be increases in the future. A point made is that property owners make payments to the banks to someday have their homes paid for. And when that happens, you will still have to make yearly payments to rent the land.

Property taxes are the most unfair tax levied on citizens. Running of the city and upkeep lands squarely on property owners. The only fair tax would be a 1% sales tax which would assure that all people using the facilities in Minot help to finance the city budget.

Lastly, much needed schools and future needs will never get the approval of property owners. We have been taxed to the point that much needed areas will never get the approval of property owners. The city budget has raised from $124 million in 2016 to the present $274 million and no end in sight.

Hope everyone gets out to support the bill sponsored by Rep. Rick Becker.


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