No bait and switch

James Hatlelid, Minot

In response to the letter of Linda Carter on Feb 9th, 2020 she is comparing apples and oranges. The 4 dollar fee she mentions is for every week recycling, the first pickup would be for garbage the 2nd of the week would be recycle stuff.

The $2 is projected based on recycle pickup every other week which means in a month’s time there would be 6 garbage pickups and two recycled pickup. If you care to watch the presentation Jason Sorenson presented the Council meeting of December 2, 2019, it can be found on the city website, minotnd.org.

It can be found on the council section of the website. If you need help in finding the presentation, call city hall. According to Mr. Sorenson the fee is based on 4,000 households participating and it is a voluntary program. Personally I am looking forward but likely it is 18 months away. It is not bait and switch as it is a voluntary program.