Just wondering

Diane Zander, Minot

I wonder:

Where is Jessie Veeder? Loved her local column! Tony Bender on hiatus? Giggled at his satire!

If fifteen of nineteen 9/11 attackers were Saudi, why are we still teaching them to fly?

Six point four trillion American dollars have been spent in the Middle East since 9/11. Can you think of better uses for our tax dollars? Wouldn’t it be nice to reduce our weighty deficit by that amount, or at least spend it at home?

If you are formally invited to leave someone’s country, shouldn’t you do just that?

Why do people quote Alexander Hamilton? History pretty definitively tells us he wasn’t on the good guy team.

I am anxious to recycle, and would love to see a mutually beneficial partnership with Kalix, but do we know we have a market for what Minot gathers? Is the USA actively offering contests/scholarships/seed money for entrepreneurial efforts for recycled materials? We are such a big consumer, why do we not lead in ingenuity in repurposing? Maybe Minot could be the site for a new idea, a new industry.

For the naysayers, critics, and poll trolls, have you picked up your city council applications yet? (MDN, could you please note how many respondents to the poll questions? Percentages are so deceiving without a total.)

Just musing on a beautiful February morning.

(Editor’s note: Veeder and Benders are writers under contract with Forum Communications. Since Jan. 1, their columns have not been available for purchase by The Minot Daily News.)


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