Election tampering will go on

Pat Fischer, Ellensburg

After reading Lloyd Omdahls letter I did a bit of a computer search on how clean the USA is in other countries.

Democrats scream Russia and Putin at the top of their lungs. All reports indicate they did not change one single vote in 2016 or 2018. Did they change a voters mind with their ads? Well that’s up to the voters ability to make up their own mind without influence from anyone Russia or USA.

Looking back thru history. “Russia’s 2016 operation was simply the cyber-age version of standard United States practice for decades, whenever American officials were worried about a foreign vote. The C.I.A. helped overthrow elected leaders in Iran and Guatemala in the 1950s and backed violent coups in several other countries in the 1960s.” “A Carnegie Mellon scholar, Dov H. Levin, has scoured the historical record for both overt and covert election influence operations. He found 81 by the United States and 36 by the Soviet Union or Russia between 1946 and 2000.” So folks messing in our elections and us messing in other countries is going to continue long after we all are dead and gone. Screaming Putin is the only answer the Democrats have to console their loss to Trump which will probably happen again in 2020.


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