Council wasting time and money

Nancy Bommelman


I want people to read this letter and think about what is said. For the life of me I don’t understand why we would want the big M building for a new city hall. It was full of water in the basement at one time and you know that means mold.

Also I believe the only thing holding that building up is the glass. What a waste of time and money.

Now let’s talk about the Wells Fargo Bank. If the city buys that building it’s going to cost millions to renovate. Millions! Some will come from the government the rest will have to come somewhere, let me guess where. The taxpayers.

Our taxes are high enough. I’m sure we will move other people from the city in the Wells Fargo bank if it’s remodeled. So if we move city hall there of course we will have to move people in other parts of the city there as well. We all like new things!

Just like the court house, look what moved in there after it was built.

If the city does move there, they can park in those glorious parking ramps that nobody uses. That means they will have to walk to the Wells Fargo bank. I’m sure that they can’t walk from the ramps, so what they will do is build a walk way from the parking ramps to the old bank. Make them walk in

-50 below weather like the rest of us have to do.

So that’s going to cost a couple million as well. Then we have the buildings that are going to be vacant. The old city hall will become part of the police station. That will cost to renovate. If the city takes other departments and puts them in the new renovation what would they do with the old ones.

Let’s just say, the municipal court goes there, and the traffic tickets that are paid all go in this building that makes those offices vacant. We are defeating our purpose.

What exactly is the purpose of all this remodel? To spend more money of course.

What progress what action have we done? None! I see no progress and no action. All I see is tax increases and more money spent to make Minot pretty! What good is that.

Don’t you think that our council people should be worrying about people that still aren’t bought out from the flood yet, and a flood wall. Don’t you think they should be worrying about getting business here in Minot, instead of all these restaurants? We have enough now.

One last thing I would like to talk about the article that a gentleman wrote and is all over the social media. He has said that the city employees are afraid for their job if they talk to the media. I myself have talked to employees of the city and 3 out of 5 have told me they are afraid of saying anything because they will lose their job.

North Dakota is a state at will, they can fire you for wearing the wrong shoes to work. They city can fire you at anytime, just like any other job can and come up with a bogus excuse to let you go.

The people I have talked to from the city are afraid of losing their jobs if they speak. They have never told me if they were talked to or not. All I know is I believe it to be true.

What a sad day it is when a person has to look over their shoulders to see if their boss is coming behind them to fire them. These people have bills to pay as well and kids to feed.

Is the city really that threatened and afraid that their employees say something that is on their minds? Freedom of speech baby, freedom of speech. The city has ripped us off enough don’t let them take our freedom (too).


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