Bait and switch

Linda Carter, Minot

Here we go again. Last year Jason Sorenson told the City Council that a recycling program would cost the taxpayers about $4 more on their water bill.

People responded unfavorably of adding another charge on their bill.

Now this week Sorenson told the City Council that it would be around $2 a month. I suppose the cost was changed to try and appease the people in hopes of getting us on board for the program. This should sound familiar to us all.

Remember the school bonds? They were initially voted down because of the steep cost, so Mr. Volmer came back with a lower cost and unfortunately we bought into it and approved it. This seems to be the same tactic that Jason Sorenson is using. How long do you think that cost will stay at $2?

It is what is called the old bait and switch. What we are not being told is that the recycling business is at an all time low in the Commodities Market. There is no profit being made and one of the reasons cited by Kalix as to why they were closing down. I had a conversation with a gentleman who works for Earth Recycling and he enlightened me on what it costs to ship one load of recyclables ($30,000). So there is no gain to be made shipping it to Minnesota! The cost we taxpayers will incur may start at $2, but watch it go up if not the first year, the following year and on and on.

The people of Minot are not getting the whole story and Sorenson and the Council need to be transparent and upfront with all of us.

I urge the citizens to look into the facts, demand all the facts before you buy into another debacle by our leaders! It is not a sound idea and it needs to be scrapped!!


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